Frequently Asked Questions


Q College Board says test taking practice for SAT will at the most increase scores by about 50 points. Why does ASI indicate higher score increase possibility?
We do not know what SAT preparation courses were surveyed by College Board for their assessment. ASI has shown by quantitative measurements that its scores have increased by over 200 points.
Q Is there data to support score increase?
Yes, there is, as measured at the end of each session.
One guidance counselor reported:
“We just looked at the stats for score changes from PSAT to SAT. Of the 49 who took the ASI course and have taken an SAT, 14, or 29%, improved by 100 points or more (110- 290). Of the 95 non-course takers, 15, or about 17% improved their scores by 100 points or more (100-270)!”

The actual stats above show an increase range of 100 to 290 points. It brings the College Board observation into question. It also shows that those taking ASI’s SAT course performed twice as well as those taking another program. (29% vs 17%). Such increase is representative of ASI course impact in other schools as well.
Q Why does ASI do better than others?
A We have a single minded goal: helping students increase SAT scores. As program progresses, we monitor this quantitative measure. This is what we do, this is all we do, that is why we are very good at it.
Q How does ASI program help increase our scores?
A Every other course teaches additional vocabulary and math skills. We do not. We focus instead on the technique of taking the test effectively. That is done through our proprietary method called the no-brainer technique.
Q What is ASI’s technique?
A ASI technique makes its program distinctly different — the unique method of preparing students for the objective of measurable increase in SAT scores. The program focus is not on teaching additional vocabulary or math but to use the existing knowledge and apply our proprietary no-brainer technique to maximize SAT scores. This is done through improved comprehension and time management. The commitment and flexibility of our program also provides one to one sessions with students needing help in addition to the formal group sessions.
Q What are your teachers’ qualifications?
A Unlike most other programs, our faculty consists of dedicated and
experienced retired teachers, each with over twenty years of distinguished teaching experience, and interpersonal skills. Their proven teaching skills are supplemented by intensive training in the specifics of the ASI techniques through a four phase training program before their first assignment. They also undergo refresher programs for continued improvements through shared experience. It is not a passive course but a dynamic system.